About Me

Dr. Bryan Marshall


I have worked at Georgia College since 2006. My official title is Professor of Information Systems. In reality I just love teaching. I enjoy everything about the classroom. I started teaching in information technology, mostly computer networking, system administration, and computer security. After about 10 years of IT, I moved into programming. I started with VB.net and PHP. Then I moved into Python and now enjoy teaching using Anvil and the Flask framework.

Web Development

Python, Flask, MySQL, GitHub, Scrum

Information Technology

Amazon Web Services, Cisco Packet Tracer, Linux


Management Information Systems - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Utah State University - Utah

Financial Planning - Master of Science (M.S.)
University of Georgia - Georgia

Management Information Systems - Master of Science (M.S.)
Utah State University - Utah

Computer Information Systems - Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Southern Utah University - Utah